Grant Criteria

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OUr Mission

The Jesse Family Foundation attempts to foster the passions of Dr. Robert Jesse through its mission of:

Encouraging healthcare innovations through science and technology.


We aim to foster healthcare-based research and endeavors, especially as they pertain to science and technology. Given Bob’s dedication to supporting veterans’ access to healthcare and his life-long career with with the Department of Veterans Affairs, special consideration will be paid to veteran-related issues.

Those applying should embrace the ideals of Dr. Bob: Dream big. Be creative. Identify a problem that needs fixing or attention and offer a solution that inspires hope. Be purposeful and embrace the spirit of invention. How can we help you help people?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of example projects The Jesse Family Foundation would be interested in funding: 

  • Supporting clinical research;
  • Advancing direct patient care or access;
  • Pursuing education via a scholarship or conferences; or
  • Introducing or applying technology in healthcare.

Grant Criteria

Grant submissions should include the following:

  • A brief biography on you and/or your organization;
  • A description on how your project relates to healthcare, especially as it pertains to science and/or technology;
  • An estimate or range on how much funding you are seeking; and
  • A forecast on how the funds will be specifically used (if not otherwise apparent).

**Please note that at this time our max funding limit is $10,000 USD.


Deadline for the first 2018 grant is October 31, 2018. 

Please email all grant submissions to

There is no required length for submissions so long as they clearly and concisely address the criteria above. When evaluating proposals we consider:

  • Measurable and demonstrable benefit—the number of persons who will benefit and how that impact will be quantified;
  • Innovative approaches that have potential for replication, if successful;
  • Integration with other community resources within the focus area, such as other nonprofits and government entities with similar goals; and
  • Organizational capacity that may include a track record of implementing programs.