What We've Done

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And We’re OFF!

After a year of learning and planning, we’re excited to finally award our first micro-grant! Our inaugural proposal was submitted by Dr. James Bjork with the Richmond, Virginia McGuire VA Medical Center.

With funding from The Jesse Family Foundation, Dr. Bjork will create a study that targets areas involving cognitive control, impulsivity and risk taking behavior that impact addiction, suicide and mental health disorders. While the study will assess veteran populations specifically, the research will be able to used broadly, especially communities affected by opioid addiction. Our hope in supporting this research is that these type of studies will lead to improved and more personalized treatment options, as well as better doctor-patient interactions - one of Bob’s ultimate goals. Lastly, Dr. Bjork’s proposal will provide a clinical opportunity for aspiring students, a facet we’re sure would have pleased Bob as a professor and a lifelong lover of learning. By involving students, we hope that this funding will create a ripple effect of impact - a theme you will continue to see in the grants JFF funds.

Thank you for your support and contributions. Please consider a donation to continue Bob's legacy.  

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